Accepting the Image


Accepting The Image portrays the way New York City women, their dreams and theirlifestyles are represented in the media and in reality. The film questions this dual relationship between both worlds by sketching the portraits of Alynn, Lindsey and Holly, three young women who recently moved to the city.

Filled with certain dreams and expectations, they each tell us what New York means to them and what their motivations were to go live there. As it appears, their incentives seem to blend with the image of the city as it is depicted in their favourite movies and television series. Some of the girls try to live up to the fiction, while others have already been confronted with a somewhat different reality.

An observing camera sketches a feminine image of the streets of New York. The girls’ story provides a direct comment to this and offers a critical perspective on the way young women in general identify with this and their idols representing it. “Accepting The Image” questions the adoration of certain media and its consequences.

Directors Notes:

I am fascinated by the shift in values in the generation that I am part of. Where once we valued that what surrounded us directly, this new generation is confronted with a mental world based on images witch values the “what if” and the “could be”. An imaginary world where the border between fact and fiction dissolves, and is used as a commercial motive in a society driven by commerce.

The impact the media image of New York City had on me from an early age on, was the motivation for making this film. I was not familiar with this city, I had never been there, but still I felt incredibly attracted to it. It’s this image from the media that became the subject of this film together with the feminine image visible in the streets of New York.

The city has an aura originating from dreams and expectations attributed through the media, and she projects it to the outside world. It’s within this context that I looked for a dramatic structure.

This film is my reflection on the interaction between the media and reality. The specific feminine image that is visible in parts of the city was of interest to me because of it’s reference to the image in the media. In what way do media influence this image and it’s lifestyle that is visible on the streets of New York City? Is there an interaction between the media and reality? And how can I portray this in a dramatic structure?

In this film I portray the fictional social reality of this feminine image together with the ‘dream’ image of New York City. I do this by sketching three characters and by creating a dramatic contrast between the ‘dream’ some Americans have when moving to New York and the reality of the city.

A film by: Karel De Cock
Image/Sound/Edit: Karel De Cock
Mix: Senjan Janssen
Production: Karel De Cock /
Themselves: Alynn, Lindsey, Holly and Jessica
Supported by: SCAM, Sint-Lukas Brussels

Title: Accepting The Image
Language: English
Subtitles: English, French, Dutch
Duration: 19’08”
Format: HD, 1:1.85, Stereo, Colour1,5
Year of Production: 2010