There’s John a businessman from Louisiana, François the banker from London and Antoine a trader from Switzerland. Together they reflect on their career and on the choices they made and the ones they didn’t. Choices that made them successful, and into who they are today. As we get to know them, we also get to know someone else. Someone who may have been less lucky in his career. Or maybe we see what the true face of success can be.

Directors Notes:

Resonance is a film and a meditation on how success and wealth is defined in our culture by reflecting on the lives of wealthy businessmen. People who deal with abstract commodities such as trading stocks and managing companies. It questions in what way all this is valuable by contrasting their story with someone who clearly failed to conform to their values.

Next to that, this film reflects my personal interpretation on the ‘individual’. I question what it means to be an individual in our society. I think that the condition to consider oneself an individual must be to have the possibility of freedom of choice. At first sight our free society seems to promote this. But this freedom is more shadow than substance. It is the shade that keeps the true nature of our society from being revealed.

I see our individuality as an uncontrollable entity that is constantly influenced by external factors, in such a way that the “free” individual is a distorted representation of what the individual could be. One might be conscious of these influences, but the freedom of choice that we think we have is fiction. And this process is being amplified by the visual culture of today.

I don’t think this is new substance but I think the realization of this inability as an individual is very important. If we are aware of the influences that drive us, we can find the source of that what shapes us today.

Detailed information:

Written & directed: Karel De Cock
Photography: Tim Lammers & Karel De Cock

Production: Karel De Cock /
Businessman: Eric Kloeck
Themselves: John, François, Antoine

Thanks to: Patrice Toye, Ludo Troch, Dirk De Cock, Klaar van Noten,
Evelien Janssens, Lotte Knapen, Herman Asselbergs, Michel Coquette.

Special Thanks to:
Dorothée van den Berghe & Griet Van Reeth.